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March , 2008

what was done lately:
Hutch returns

The official Hutch BMX website is
Have a visit and check out the latest stuff!
Now that Hutch has finally returned and we will see new parts
and eventually frames I think a lot of people will be very happy,
especially considering the level of quality these new products are certain
to live up to.

I started this web site a very long time ago because one day
after I came home from an afternoon long flatland session on my Trick Star
I thought to see if anyone had made a web site for Hutch because I reasoned
that if one didn't exist then one absolutely should. To my disbelief I discovered
there actually wasn't one. So I set out to create it. Now, years later, that the Hutch
brand has returned and has an official site there is no real need for this web site
any longer. I've enjoyed making this site but it does cost money to host it
and I make nothing from it. I've done this simply because I've always loved this
BMX company. No one has stated that I have to take this site down (so don't go getting that idea),
I simply choose to as it really no longer serves any purpose since an official site now exists.
So fellow Hutch fanatics, rejoice in the fact that our favorite BMX brand has returned and is
in the hands of someone who is dedicated to doing it right. I can't wait to see all the cool things
that are sure to come in the months and years ahead.

Thanks to everyone who ever helped create this over the years. All the people who sent pictures,
information, helped with HTML questions and to those from the Hutchins family for not only
sending me some really neat things but also for being such an influential part of the BMX scene.


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