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Derby Towne Cycles ad  An ad stating that there was a new USA made Hutchins freestyle frameset in the 90's. Doesn't
say which one though.
(photo: me - scanned Ad from GO: the rider's manual)

Hutch cage pedals  The world famous Hutch pedals.  If by some chance your feet actually slipped off these monsters you were headed to the emergency room for shin surgery.  These are hands down still some of the best racing pedals ever made.  I wouldn't use them on a freestyle bike though.  That'd be crazy.

Trick Styler  And here is my Trick Styler all put together again. Neato. Love the center pull brakes. The frame was made by Hutch, the fork was made by SE and the cat was made by two other cats. His name is Mr. Biggles and it is his job to sniff absolutely everything.  I just realized something.  This was the only frame I was ever able to flawlessly pull off one footed frame stands on every time.  A silly trick? Yes, but I usually crashed it on all my other bikes.  This one has a wider platform than anything else I've had.  I nearly needed rectal surgery after trying it on a Torker.
(photo: me)

Trick Star 2 and some Trick Stars  A chrome Trick Star 2 and a few Trick Stars

Hollywood  Hollywood

Pro Raider  Pro Raider

Pro Raider  Pro Raider

Pro Racer  Pro Racer

Pro Racer  A cool checkered Pro Racer

Eric Carter  Eric Carter from 1986
(photo: courtesy of Eric Carter's web site

Eric Carter  Eric Carter from 1986 at ABA Grands OKC
(photo: courtesy of Eric Carter's web site

Trick Star  A cool futuristic black Trick Star with gold parts
(photo: Bill Lazdowski)

picture gallery page number
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