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Many thanks to the members of who have helped out a lot with getting pictures and info for this site!
If you've never been there you need to go.  It's the old school bike web site.
Be sure to check out Jeff Haney's collection while you're there. He's got lots of cool Hutch stuff.

The photo credits are for the person who sent the picture in, not necessarily the person who actually
took the photo. If there is a picture here that you know you sent in and I didn't get your name please contact me.

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BMX Plus cover with HPV  The HPV. This bike was a novelty sort of thing. And supposedly pretty fast.
(photo: me - from BMX Plus!)

Hutchins Pro Racer  The description for the new Hutchins Pro Racer frameset. These were made when Hutch merged with CW / Revcore.
(photo: me - from GO: the rider's manual)

Larry Layola on a Hutch  Larry Layola on a Hutch racing frameset. Don't know which one.
(photo: me - from BMX  Action)

Hutch Pro Racer ad for Taiwan model  An ad for a racing bike. I think this was the Taiwan made Pro Racer.
(photo: me - scanned Ad from BMX Plus!)

Hutch/Revcore factory racer  A Hutch factory team member racing on a Revcore frame. Probably Jeff Donnell.
(photo: me - from BMX Plus!)

Hutch/Revcore factory racer Jeff Donnell  Another Hutch team member using a Revcore frame.
Oh and this guy is Jeff Donnell. I don't know if the picture above this one is him or not though. His brother Jason raced for Revcore.
(photo: me - from BMX Action)

XL24 w/ SE Landing Gear fork  A Hutch racing frame with SE Landing Gear forks.  Looks like an XL24 frame.

Tim Judge  Tim Judge

Pro Star  Pro Star

Trick Star  Trick Star

Judge  Judge

Expert Racer  Expert Racer

picture gallery page number
1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20  21  22