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Jason Kelly  A small bit of news about Jason Kelly and Greg Liggins from Bicycles and Dirt of November 83.
(photo: Johann Janssens)

Andrew Soule  A picture of Andrew Soule from Bicycle Motocross Action of March 82.
(photo: Johann Janssens)

Trickstyler  My Trick Styler from back when I was riding it. I had Hutch "bad" bars on it. This picture is clearly old. I had a mullet and was playing Nintendo.
(photo: me)

Action Sports Warehouse ad  Here's an ad from the fine folks at Action Sports Warehouse from August 1990.  
In light of how difficult it is to score a Trick Star 2 frame these days here's an ad just for you.  Back in
1990 Action Sports would sell you one for a measly $79 bucks!  Check out the lovely picture they have
provided, a Haro Master badly drawn to look like the Trick Star 2! Not only would they lovingly dump one
of these on you for only 79 dollars, they'd give you the whole complete bike for just $189!  For all you
collectors out there, by today's standards this is one heck of a deal.  These things are very rare!
They'd even give you just a fork for $19 if that's all you wanted.  These people were so desperate to
get rid of every Hutch item they had that they actually sent me a Trick Styler frame in place of the chrome
Trick Star 2 I ordered.  I told them to give my money back if the chrome ones were all gone.  Apparently
they decided they'd rather keep the 79 dollars and give me a frame with actual gold on it instead.  
Thank you Action Sports Warehouse!!  My friends flipped when I opened the box and pulled out a frame
with gold plating.  Anyway, Trick Stylers were only available complete, not as frame sets.  So that means
that these people obviously had a box of gold Hutch parts lying around with no bike to be put on.  Looking
for gold Trick Styler parts?  Maybe you should find out what happened to these guys.  They probably have
some.  Also, that creepy serial killer looking eye staring at you is Gary Ellis.  I cut the Hutch logo out of the
page back then.
(photo: me - scanned Ad from GO: the rider's manual)

Hutch Maryland front left This is the old Hutch headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland. It is now occupied by another business. Here is the front of the building where the office space was. There used to be a large sign with the Hutch logo on the roof. It was stolen when Hutch still occupied this building.
(photo: Bob Mertes)

Hutch Maryland front right The front right side of the building where trucks pulled up to the loading dock to ship out
all the bikes.
(photo: Bob Mertes)

Hutch Maryland right side The right side of the building. The door leads into the warehouse area. There used to be a large dumpster where the small one is now. Back then the dumpster was always being scavenged by kids looking for bike parts.
(photo: Bob Mertes)

Trail Star Some people wonder why Hutch didn't make a mountain bike. According to this info they did. They didn't make very many but here it is. It's the Trail Star (minus the sticker kit). And yes, that's a sweet corvette behind it.
(photo: Bob Mertes)

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